Telephone Sales Representative (TSR) Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver sales (number of contacts, number of leads/conversions/sales, etc) results that meet client performance objectives.
  • Deliver productivity results (contacts/hour, SPH, accuracy) that meet client performance objectives.
  • Adhere to standard contact procedures and attempt to build relationships, build support for client products and services, and overcome prospect objections.
  • Adhere to operational processes, client standards, and program standards.


  • 3 – 6 months of experience in a retail sales, customer service or telemarketing position.
  • Above average communication skills (written, verbal, listening and mathematical).
  • Basic PC and data-entry skills.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Communication: excellent verbal, written, and listening skills.
  • Interpersonal: ability to work effectively with others, including a diverse population.
  • Problem solving: ability to constructively handle unexpected problems. Strong analytical skills.
  • Decision making: ability to make sound decisions given the information available.
  • Leadership: ability to lead people to accomplish objectives without creating hostility in the workplace. Takes initiative and demonstrates willingness to act with a sense of urgency.
  • Subject-matter knowledge: sales, clients, and systems

Personal Characteristics

  • Flexibility (change plans to meet objectives).
  • Energy (capacity for doing work and overcoming obstacles).
  • Enthusiasm (eagerness and a visibly high level of interest in all areas).
  • Commitment and professionalism (ability to meet deadlines, to uphold staff development principles, and to represent Teleservices Direct and our clients in positive and appropriate ways).
  • Integrity (honesty, sincerity, and adherence to high standards).
  • Self-presentation (ability to model desired behaviors).
  • Self-objectivity (capacity to seek and accept feedback).

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